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Ric’s underwater adventures are known to millions who watch his documentaries and news stories on television. No one can boast more promotion for Great Lakes diving, as Ric has donated some 30 shows to PBS and has also found world-wide audiences on the Vision Network and Outdoor Channel. Ric has also been featured as an on-camera researcher for the Discovery Channel and History Channel, and is also an award-winning news reporter, working for stations all across Michigan. He created Airworthy Productions in 2000 and continues to produce industrial and fundraiser videos fulltime as a videographer.

Ric holds several certifications in SCUBA, including advanced ratings and ice rescue.  He served several years on the Saginaw County Underwater Rescue Team as a marine deputy/diver and was also diver/videographer for expeditions to the Edmund Fitzgerald and Carl D. Bradley.  He also a two-term president of the Great Lakes Lighthouse Keepers Association.

Ric’s book “The Wheelsmen” is the first book to chronicle eyewitness accounts of the Great Storm of 1913, Armistice Day Storm of 1940, the Escanaba disaster, and the loss of the Cedarville near Mackinaw City.

Ric is also a private pilot, and has flight time in several vintage war birds.  He was aboard the final B-52 flights from Michigan and also chronicled the Tuskegee Airmen in the Great Lakes state as well as our famous Rosie the Riveters at Willow Run.  See Bombs Away for more details!

Ric is often requested for special talks on his adventures, from schools and service groups to major maritime history programs. Click here to contact Ric on availability for your event.  Prices vary on the size of your group and the distance traveled to the event.

Learn more about Ric from this newspaper article.  Find out more about Ric’s concert series “STORM” by clicking here!

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