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Ric Mixter is one of the top touring lecturers around the Great Lakes for several reasons, but most who have been in his audience comment on his enthusiasm and passion.

Ric’s use of video makes him unique- sharing eyewitness testimony to historical events and spellbinding underwater video to enthrall those in attendance.  From Minneapolis to Welland, Ontario… Ric is not only a presenter but often times the Master of Ceremonies- using his sense of humor and mastery of aviation and maritime history to educate and entertain.  Further testimony is evident in the fact that several historical groups have Ric return year after year, utilizing his vast lecture topic catalog to ensure a successful event.

Ric’s brand new lecture is on “Expeditions to Le Griffon”, featuring the most famous of investigations from 1930 to 2015.  Here is an overview of Ric’s research.



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